The Bristol Radical Film Festival was founded in 2011 to showcase a different kind of cinema; contemporary and historical works of formally innovative, risk-taking, and/or overtly political left-wing documentary and fiction filmmaking. We recognise the value of the inherent power and possibilities of all genres of moving image work, and our purpose is to create a space in which an audience is moved, galvanised and informed; after every screening, we ensure there is space for discussion to encourage further action, reflection and collaboration.

Organised by a collective of volunteers, the festival also aims to draw attention to a range of other progressive, community-based initiatives in the city. Venues include digital outreach projects, anarchist social centres, drop-in houses for sex workers, political squats, radical bookshops, community bicycle hubs, trade union halls etc… The collective remains voluntary still, and includes filmmakers, film lecturers, animators and enthusiasts.  

Since its first event the festival has grown significantly, and the team now organises events throughout the year as well as the annual festival. Our annual radical shorts programme in particular has taken off with 2000+ international submissions in 2016, on subjects from media piracy to BlackLivesMatter to the disparate demographics of London, and the festival has quickly become a staple of the city’s counter cultural calendar.

We are unfunded, and all the money made from our work goes back into running our events. We’re always looking to develop new relationships and try new things, and are grateful for any support people can offer. If you’re interested in working with us, please get in touch.


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